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"As a scientist, I think that being able to critically examine things is key to being a happy, healthy human being. I want all people to be able to employ the principles of critical thinking to become scientific skeptics - being open minded, but demanding evidence before accepting something as truth or factual."

To this end, Dr. Lack attempts to spread skepticism and its sibling freethought to as many people as possible. This includes his numerous public talks, his writings, and his position as the Director of the Secular Therapist Project.


  • Resovled: 12-Step Programs are Obsolete. Debate hosted by the Diosysium, July 2017, Austin, TX (watch online)
  • Biblical or Psychological Counseling: What are the Benefits & Weaknesses? Debate hosted by the Bible & Beer Consorium, July 2017, Ft. Worth, TX.
  • Personality and mental health in paranormal believers. Invited talk given to the OU Secular Sooners, Norman, OK. (watch online)
  • The true value of skepticism. Talk given at SkeptOKon 2014, Edmond, OK.
  • Believers in versus skeptics of the paranormal: What’s the (psychological) difference? Invited talk given to the Oklahoma Atheist’s Disbelief Discourse, Edmond, OK. (listen online)
  • Sharpening & leveling: How good communication leads you away from the truth. Invited talk given for the Oklahoma Skeptics Society, Oklahoma City, OK. (watch online)
  • Blogging skepticism. Workshop given for the James Randi Educational Foundation’s The Amazing Meeting (TAM), Las Vegas, NV.
  • Critical thinking skills (and how to use them). Talk presented at Skeptics of Oz conference, Wichita, KS. (watch online)
  • Separating the wheat from the chaff: Distinguishing science from pseudoscience and why it matters. Invited presentation at the 2nd annual Oklahoma Freethought Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma. (watch online)
  • Why you can’t trust your brain. Invited talk given to the Oklahoma Atheist’s monthly Disbelief Discourse, Edmond, OK. (watch online)
  • Protesting a "psychic." News coverage of the Skeptics@UCO protesting supposed medium John Edward's visit to Oklahoma City. (watch online)


The Secular Therapist Project (STP) is a program of the non-profit organization Recovering from Religion. The STP exists to connect those seeking mental health help with secular therapists (be they psychologists, counselors, clinical social workers, or others) who use evidence-based practice in their work. Dr. Lack took over as Director of the STP in January 2016, after being a member of the evaluation team for three years.

Read "When Your Therapist Tries to Save Your Soul" or "Dr Caleb Lack, Director of the Secular Therapy Project, Interviewed" to learn more about the STP and why it's such a needed service. Apply to be a client or a potential therapist at SecularTherapy.org.