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Scroll down to see upcoming workshops, debates, and presentations that Dr. Lack is doing, as well as links to past interviews and other media appearances.


  • "Using Evidence-Based Practices with Specific Religious and Non-Religious Populations" - symposium at the Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapies conference (November 17, 2017, San Diego, CA)
  • "Exposure Therapy for Fear & Anxiety" and "Risk Assessment & Management: Ethical and Evidence-based Practices" - CEU workshops for the North American Association of Master's in Psychology (September 23rd, 2017, Edmond, OK)
  • "Using New Media Assignments to Reach Beyond the Classroom" - invited address at the annual Oklahoma Network for the Teaching of Psychology conference (September 16, 2017, Cameron University)


Skeptic Review Feature Story: Reasons to Believe. A very positive review of the documentary "Reasons to Believe" by Ben Fama Jr., which stars Dr. Lack. (August 2017; read online)

The fear of hell. An interview focusing on how fear of damnation and hell can persist even after someone becomes non-religious, and what to do about, for the official podcast of Recovering from Religion. (June 2017; listen online)

"Reasons to Believe" screening Q&A. Dr. Lack sits down with producer Mesa Fama and director Ben Fama Jr. to answer questions about belief after screening the film at the University of Central Oklahoma (April 2017; watch online)

How to understand how we think. A wide-ranging interview on the podcast Reality Trip (April 2017; watch online)

The atheists struggling to find therapists in the Bible Belt. A long article in The Atlantic about secular therapy and why it's needed. Includes interviews with Dr. Lack and another Secular Therapy Project member.(March 2017; read online)

Psychological harm from religion. Dr. Lack and others were interviewed on the potential harms that religion can cause for people, for the official podcast of Recovering from Religion. (February 2017; listen online)

Trigger warnings and safe spaces. Dr. Lack discusses the idea of 'safe spaces' and whether trigger warnings are useful on the Thinking Atheist podcast. (January 2017; watch online)

Interview with Caleb W. Lack of the Secular Therapist Project. In depth interview for Conatus News on the STP. (December 2016; read online)

Science or pseudoscience? Knowing how to tell the difference. A very positive review of Dr. Lack's sixth book, co-written with Jacques Rousseau, on PsycCRITIQUES (November 2016; read online)

Mental Health. Podcast interview for the Gaytheist Manifesto focusing on mental health issues, particularly as applied to secular and LGBTQ individuals. (September 2016; watch online)

Have you ever heard of 'genetic sexual attraction'? News coverage that Dr. Lack was interviewed for after a mother and daughter in Oklahoma were charged with incest (September 2016; watch online)

Dr. Caleb Lack - Clinical Psychologist, Researcher. Dr. Lack was the guest for this episode of Amy on the Radio, where he discussed his new book, belief, mental health, and answered listener questions. (June 2016; listen online)

Dr Caleb Lack, Director of Secular Therapy Project, Interviewed. Dr. Lack was interviewed by Patheos writer Jonathan Pearce about his new position as director of the STP. (February 2016; read online)

Outside of the box education and secular therapy. Dr. Lack is interviewed about his recent TEDx talk regarding new media assignments in the classroom and his work with the Secular Therapy Project on the Reality Trip Podcast. (January 2016; watch online)

When your therapist tries to save your soul. Dr. Lack is interviewed by Valerie Tarico of AlterNet on religion, psychology, mental health, and the Secular Therapy Project (January 2016; read online)

Teaching outside the box. An invited TEDx talk by Dr. Lack on how to use classroom assignments to reach around the world. (September 2015; watch online)

UCO psychology professor examines history of scientific sexism and racism in new book. Article on the release of Dr. Lack's fourth book. (July 2014; read online)

The psychology of belief. Dr. Lack was interviewed by Seth Andrews on The Thinking Atheist podcast about how and why we believe the things we do (July 2014; watch online)

UCO's AAUP chapter honors faculty for service. Article showcasing a research award Dr. Lack recieved. (May 2013; read online)

Protesting a "psychic." News coverage of the Skeptics@UCO protesting supposed medium John Edward's visit to Oklahoma City. (March 2012; watch online)

Trend or trash? Dr. Lack was interviewed about sexually provactive language on clothing worn by teenagers. (August 2011; watch online)

Cyberbullying and teens. Dr. Lack was interviewed about the impact that online bullying can have on mental health. (June 2011; watch online)

Social networks and privacy. News coverage of research on social media usage that Dr. Lack and his students presented at Oklahoma Research Day 2010. (November 2010; watch online)